Well bloody hell that was interesting…

When I decided to go and watch Logan I thought that it couldn’t be gorier than Deadpool surely? Being rated 15 it couldn’t have more swearing than rated 18 Deadpool? Oh how I was wrong…

Set in the year 2029 where Mutants are gone (or so it seems), miserable Logan is back to heavily drinking and is pretty sure that he’s dying inside. On the run from the people who want to get rid of mutants, Logan has got himself a new job – a limo driver for hire in and around the Mexican border.

He’s not completely isolated, Logan is accompanied by outcast Caliban (played by Stephen Merchant) and the legend Professor X all hiding from the law. However after hiding for so long Logan receives a call from a very desperate woman needing his help. She wants Logan to take her ‘daughter’ Laura (X23) to North Dakota to make sure she’s safe in ‘Eden’.


He soon realises the request is not going to be as easy as she made out, with a bounty on X23’s head, Logan and Professor X have a difficult task to do this safely especially when they find out how she was an experiment… The claws come out.


After a whole film of blood and gore we see Logan get beaten again and again and finally we get to see his live or die mission and whether he will bond with his daughter Laura.

Warning, if you’re going to watch this, take tissues with you when you finally see Logan fulfil his destiny.