Little fun fact for you all, The Pet Shop Boys were fans of a little town in Essex called Clacton-on-Sea. They filmed their video Always On My Mind there as part of their film It Couldn’t Happen Here.

Although this is a well known fact with the locals in the area and part of the towns history it did not manage to change the tourism popularity since the music video and film release wasn’t very popular.

Now unfortunately the film It Couldn’t Happen Here was discontinued on VHS (yes it’s old) but for all you avid Pet Shop Boys fans out there, there has been a rumour for a possible DVD release soon – bring on the 80s.

With some classic British stars in the film – like Barbara Windsor, I was hoping to find someone on the sea front taking a trip down memory lane… however I was greeted by something not as nice, cold and windy rain! Perhaps my next venture will show me something better than (not so sunny) Clacton Pier!