Yes you read that correctly… Noah Maloney is on day 27 of his quest to get actor Jason Segel to notice him.

With the hashtag eat my face Segel, Maloney is hoping that Jason will see this and be able to return the favour and eat a photo of his face.

His first video has over 600,000 views on YouTube, if you think you’re missing the point you’re really not. He really does film himself every day. For what reason I hear you ask? There is none, he just likes the actor and what else are publicity stunts about?

Noah upped the game in his fourth video by also getting a tattoo of Jason’s name as well as eating his picture, because it’s 2017 and all people on the internet obviously love anything weird. I must admit there is a lot of support for him.

Lets hope Segel comes through for him soon because this can’t be good for his digestive system surely?