It’s a tale as old as time.

Today marks the day we finally got to see the remake of beauty and the beast. We all had high hopes for the film because of the controversy it has had brought upon it, with LeFou being the first (openly) gay Disney character, and Hermione Granger being the singing Beauty.

Josh Gad as LeFou (slightly in love with Gaston)

Disney did not let us down, we saw Emma Watson slip into character as Belle as if she was made for the part, and Luke Evans wear his snarl with pride as he delved into Gaston (spelt with one ‘t’ LeFou!)

With songs that are ever more enchanting than the first time around, and some added extras that will not disappoint even the biggest of Disney fans, 2017’s make of Beauty and the Beast will have you humming for the rest of the day.

The film starts with us seeing a more in depth view of what happened to the Beast (who’s real name is apparently Adam…), then cut to the poor provincial town as we see Belle and (her mad inventor) father get singled out by the townsfolk.

As we get further into the film we see the first of three scary moments – the wolves, the CGI used to make them and the sound effects was as good as the latest Star Wars film Rogue One.

Emma Watson as Belle

When Belle finally takes her fathers place as the Beast’s prisoner he treats her no better however his staff have another idea.

It was good to see that Disney weren’t afraid to look in more depth to the back stories of the Characters, like how Belle and her father ended up as just the two of them in that little town in France.

The big question on everyone’s lips is does Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip ever turn back to normal? *tag them with their actors IMDB pages* or did the Beast not learn to love before he turned 21?

In order to find out be our guest and go and catch the film while it’s in the cinema, it truly is worth it.

The Beast’s Castle